Loop Marketing

Hello. We're Loop.

We are an independent communications agency with offices in Manchester and Henley-on-Thames.

We help brands flourish

Through brilliant ideas and smart execution, we deliver growth for our clients through retail, shopper, digital and promotional campaigns.

What we do

  • A white-outline of a 10-sided star with a smaller version offset inside itself Promotional
  • A wireframe of white shopping trolley/cart Shopper Marketing and Retail Activation
  • A wireframe of a digital tablet/smartphone Digital
  • A fingerprint in the shape of a love heart Experiential marketing
    and sampling
  • An outline of a circle with 5 smaller circles surrounding it, each connected to the center circle by a single line Promotional

Our Clients

  • The Wilkinson Sword brand identity
  • The Young's brand identity
  • The Pilgrim's Choice brand identity
  • The Nakd brand identity
  • The The McCain brand identity
  • The Kerrygold brand identity
  • The Kelloggs brand identity
  • The Energizer brand identity
  • Santa Maria brand identity

Challenging for the top spot

We have extensive experience of growing challenger brands and understand the importance of driving visibility and volume growth without eroding value.

Challenger brands inspire us because they shake things up and keep it fresh. They thrive on passion and thinking not deep pockets and easy options.

A tropy icon - an orange 5-sided star with a purple base.

The Team

Jo Lea and Helen Verry lead the team at Loop. Both have nearly 20 years agency experience working across a range of FMCG brands, big and small!

Supported by experienced account management and creative talent, the team at Loop is passionate about creating ideas and successfully delivering them to market.

A group of 3 orange humanoid figures

Contact us


Innovation Forum Frederick Road Manchester M6 6FP
0161 743 3707


Chiltern House 45 Station Road Henley-on-Thames RG9 1AT
01491 845 514